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Tim Smeets

( 21 km | Lid van team: De Asstronaut )


96% bereikt van mijn streefbedrag € 5.000

We have started a foundation for our son Tobias and three other children in August 2021 called the Asstronaut. The children attend a special group within a regular school. Children with and without dissabilities learn from each other and we want to make a step forward in creating a much more inclusive world. Support Tobias’s family and trainers, who will walk for our foundation and the Dutch Foundation for Children with Disabilities (NSGK). 50% our your donation will be directly donated to our foundation, the other half will go to the dutch foundation for disabeld children (NSGK) who support the Asstronaut and other classes like us. Any donation is wellcome and we thank you very much in advance! 🙏